Welcome to the website of author F.M. McPherson. Here you can find information on my published and forthcoming novels, read some chapters, keep up with news and reviews in the fantasy/sf world (see the aggregated feed on the right), find out about nearly human creatures of myth and prehistory, and more. I hope you find it interesting.

Werewolves, vampires, elves, fairies, yeti, Bigfoot ... Since the dawn of time, humans have told tales of people that were not humans. Nowadays, few of us believe in elves or fairies, and most of us are fairly sure there's no such thing as werewolves or vampires, but Yeti and Bigfoot ... well, they could exist, couldn't they?

Indeed, a few years ago, newspapers all around the world were proclaiming the finding of fossils of "hobbits" – an undersize hominid species that appears to have lived on an Indonesian island a mere 12,000 years ago. As one commentator remarked: "If another species of humans existed so recently, perhaps stories of other human-like creatures might be founded on grains of truth?"

Scientists of human evolution have appreciated for some time that the “ladder” of evolutionary progress is better described as a bush; bones for maybe 20 hominid species have been found. Nor can we presume our own survival rests on some deep superiority — the more we learn about Neanderthals, the less our physical or intellectual inferiors they appear. Perhaps indeed, as scientists now suggest, their extinction and our survival was a mere vagary of fate.

And perhaps these persistent stories of werewolves and other not-quite-human creatures are twisted memories of these long-dead cousins with whom we once shared a world.

Which brings me to my books for young adults, Secrets have jagged edges (first published by Medallion Press as Secrets, and now re-published on Kindle), and its new sequel, The sharpest edge. These are books about brothers, and fathers and sons, about love, and the secrets that can tear families apart. And they're about what it means to be human.

It also brings me to my soon-to-be-released adult mystery, Hunting Night, also featuring Mike Jaeger, now a P.I. in Vancouver.

On a completely different note, for lovers of Doctor Who and Harry Dresden, there is 'Ware Angels (perhaps I should have resisted this pun, but I didn't). Hunter's lost his memory. He's hunting demons. He's in New York. And the worse thing of all? He's afraid an archangel is after him.