Secrets have jagged edges

book coverYoung Adult urban fantasy

Originally published by Medallion Press as Secrets


Secrets have jagged edges. When you open them, they tear the heart.

And the secrets of families have the sharpest edge of all.



He meant us to die.

Was that true?

With strange voices in his head and dark visions in the shadows, Mike doesn’t know whether his conviction that his father’s deep silence hides terrible truths is anything more than a sign of the madness he fears.


Paul’s run from the past all his life, and silence binds his tongue with the weight of more than one lifetime. Can he break the silence, now his son needs him? Dare he break the silence, and face what he’s spent his life denying?


All through childhood, Dave has found a desperately-needed refuge with his best friend, his brother of the heart. But now his rock is turning to sand, as Mike begins to lose his grip on reality. What do you do when the only person you trust can’t be trusted anymore?


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This is a cleverly worked out, clearly written and believable story which will be read with relish by most fantasy and horror story addicts and even though I don’t usually enjoy either of those genres, I too, was totally hooked into the story.
Barbara Murison, Around the Bookshops, February 2006.

the book grips the reader and builds outstanding tension with amazing skill. A roller coaster ride
Teenage reviewer, Around the Bookshops, February 2006.

Exceptionally well written from beginning to end, Secrets by F.M. McPherson is a gripping fantasy tale … Deftly depicting the estranged life of the sixteen-year-old, Secrets carries readers through the gripping story of the young man, his father, and his only friend who has just as deep a secret as himself. An intricate novel ideal for those who enjoy mythic fantasy fiction, Secrets is very highly recommended reading.
Midwest Book Review

McPherson presents an original premise that is part Teen Wolf and part Fear Street, exploring the complexity of coming-of-age, fathers and sons, friendship, and trust.
VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates)

This is a coming of age story that is refreshingly different because Mike is Pack yet has human emotions. The bond between Mike and the human Dave is beautiful to behold, a friendship that is true and pure. The protagonist’s father almost destroys his family because of his need to deny what he is. There are many lessons that young adults take away from SECRETS but learning is easy because it is told in a fantasy context so as not to overwhelm the reader.
Harriet Klausner